What is Raising Angel Finance?

Raising Angel Finance is a skill like anything else in life.  It’s a skill that we have developed over many years and many deals and we can teach you and show you how to use these skills to increase your own changes of finding Angel and other Investors and more importantly, getting them to invest in you and your project.


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The Raising Angel Finance (or Raising Alternative Funding) RAF is an Online Course with the goal to help you get you the best odds of securing Finance.


The Course Content Includes:

  • The Mindset Around Borrowing Money
  • Use Other People’s Money – OPM
  • What Investors look for
  • Where to Find Investors
  • The Three Main Steps to Creating the Perfect Application
  • How to Guarantee Your Application will be read by Investors or Lenders
  • How To Pitch on paper and in Person for Maximum effect
  • The Psychology of Persuasion
  • Live examples of the Perfect Pitch
  • Can You get 100% Funding?
  • and Much, Much, More

Looking for Funding? Apply using the application form below and our dedicated team will get back to you.

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This is a one page application process and will only take about a minute or two, if you have all the necessary information.


The aim is to get you a quick Decision in Principle, from an investor or lender.


This check will not affect your business credit rating.

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